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B.C. Camping Song - Jubilee Song Book

Bed is Too Small - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Black Socks - Campfire Activities

B P Said - Celebrate With Song

Celebrate With Light - Celebrate With Song

Everywhere Around the World - Celebrate With Song

Fire's Burning - Celebrate With Song

Guide Marching Song - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Guiding Law Song - Celebrate With Song


Make New Friends

Ranger Song - by Mary Chater in Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Raindrop Round - Celebrate With Song

Swinging Along - Our Chalet Song Book

Swinging Along (2 parts) - Our Chalet Song Book

Tall Trees

Tongo - Jubilee Song Book

Walk a New Road - CM '99 song

We Want the Sunshine - Campfire Activities

We're Hiking for Hunger

The World Song - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides, Our Chalet Song Book II