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An Irish Blessing - Celebrate With Song

A Ram Sam Sam

Auntie Monica

Barges - Jubilee Song Book

B.C. Camping Song - Jubilee Song Book

Bed is Too Small - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Black Socks - Campfire Activities

Bon Appetit - Canciones De Nuestra Cabana

B P Said - Celebrate With Song

Breton Fisherman's Prayer - Celebrate With Song

Brownie Closing - Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies

Brownie Closing - alternate words - Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies

Brownie Smile Song - Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies

The Brownie Song - Sing a Song with Sparks and Brownies

Buddies and Pals

Caimarusa - Musical Fun With the Brownie Pack

Celebrate With Light - Celebrate With Song

Chairs to Mend - Jubilee Song Book

Chinese Fisherman's Song - Celebrate With Song

Daylight Taps

Donkey Riding - Jubilee Song Book

Dutch Shoe Game - Jubilee Song Book


Evensong - Songs For Canadian Girl Guides

Everywhere Around the World - Celebrate With Song'

Farewell to Nova Scotia - Jubilee Song Book

Fire's Burning - Celebrate With Song

For Health and Strength - Jubilee Song Book

God Has Created a New Day - Our Chalet Song Book

Golden Prairie Land - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Guide Marching Song - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

Guiding Law Song - Celebrate With Song

Guiding World, A - Celebrate With Song